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AWS Re:Invent 2017 - Summary

Posted by Grant Olliff on 12 January 2018

Andy Jassy (AWS CEO) opened AWS re:Invent at the end of November 2017, to over 43,000 attendees, by saying AWS now has “Everything you need so everyone should be using AWS!”, and many of the top companies around the world are doing just that. Some are “Born in the Cloud” businesses, but the majority of AWS customers are traditional businesses seeking the need to transform not just their Technology but their whole business.

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PuppetConf 2017

Posted by Mark Finlay on 16 November 2017

This year, as we did in 2016, OSS sent staff to PuppetConf. This year’s conference was held at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. The logo and banners for this year’s conference had the single word “Shift” on them and it was not immediately clear what the shift was to, or from, or about.

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Important Data – it's not where you think it is…

Posted by Wayne Sheddan on 26 April 2017

We are all used to dealing with data – that raw material that correct interpretation turns into information. It comes in all forms: operating systems, databases, files, objects. It is located in all sorts of places in all sorts of formats. But one thing is common to them all: if you lose a piece it may cost you your business.

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Announcement new positions

Posted by Susanne Dorge on 19 April 2017

Open Systems Specialists Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of Ian Taylor into a newly created position of 'General Manager, Client Strategy', and Roger Cleland into the newly created position of 'Client Executive'

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What does digital mean?

Posted by Mark Finlay on 30 March 2017

Let me get this out of the way first and foremost, I’m old! So, when someone says ‘digital’ to me I think of two things from ancient history; DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) and digital watches. I didn't buy a digital watch until the flash LCD ones came out because the glowing red LED ones just looked a bit too toy-like. As for DEC, I started out as an operator on IBM mainframes and operators who worked on DEC systems were looked down upon. There was no logical reason for this mainframe operator elitism but in 2017 IBM still make mainframes and in 1998 DEC was defunct.

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Linux.conf.au 2017

Posted by Dan Hawke on 14 February 2017

On the week of 16 January, Hobart hosted the 2017 Linux.conf.au - a week long event for the free and open-source community to share knowledge, and continue its long-running reputation for being the leading Linux conference in the Australasian region.

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O.S.S. takes out key Red Hat awards

Posted by Gavin Stone on 29 November 2016

In late October, Open Systems Specialists (O.S.S.) took out a string of top Red Hat partner awards related to the region, cloud and virtualisation, at the Red Hat Asia Pacific Partner Conference in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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DevOpsDays Wellington 2016

Posted by Martin Nakshbandi on 25 October 2016

This year’s conference was held in Wellington on the 29th and 30th September. It was hosted by BNZ at their Harbour Quay headquarters which provided the conference delegates with a relaxed atmosphere.

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Where you live

Posted by Wayne Sheddan on 23 June 2016

I have come to realise that where you lay your head at night has the significant impact on how you perceive the Internet.

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Everything should be on a cloud

Posted by Wayne Sheddan on 11 April 2016

As something of an infrastructure architect, I have come to realise that all workloads should be on a cloud. Now, if what you just heard me say seems to say that everything should be on a public cloud, and your ERP/CRM should use the vendor SaaS platform I believe you have seriously misunderstood cloud.

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