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We believe that customers deserve to have experienced specialist resources managing their infrastructure. For this reason we chose to become specialists in four key areas to ensure our clients could get access to this expertise where it matters the most: storage, backup, web infrastructure and IT automation. By keeping that level of attention instead of trying to do everything, we can manage complex enterprise environments using proven repeatable practices, using the best of Open Source automation and management tools with minimal licensing costs. Quite often our managed services are also used to cover a short-term absence or fill a gap, to solve a problem or just put a stop to that vicious circle and bring stability to systems that have become unwieldy. Getting in an expert – whether for a little while or longer term – inevitably identifies where you can reduce costs and improve performance. OSS Managed Services gives clients the opportunity to avoid the operational impact of new business initiatives by providing the ability to breathe in and out with demand. It also loosens the constraints on your time, so you’re free to dedicate your efforts where they are most needed.

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