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Attacks are becoming more frequent and more costly

1 in 4

Odds of an organisation experiencing a data breach over a two year period

$3.86 million

Average cost of a data breach in 2018

$8 billion

Estimated global cost of the WannaCry attack

Five Steps To Building Cyber Resilience

Cyber incidents are increasing in sophistication and intensity. When these attacks happen, some of the costlier consequences are data loss, inaccessibility, failure of public or client applications and websites. True cyber resilience combines cybersecurity with backup and recovery methods to help you protect against, detect and recover from cyber attacks while minimising the impact on your organisation.

PREPARE a cyber resilience plan
Assess cyber resilience readiness, process and posture, and orchestrate and automate recovery workflow.
PROTECT against attacks by discovering vulnerabilities before they are exploited
Disrupt malware and exploits, discover and patch systems, automatically fix vulnerabilities and adopt a Zero Trust network policy.
DETECT unknown threats with advanced analytics
See attacks across the enterprise, investigate active threats hiding inside the enterprise and detect attacks coming from outside the enterprise.
RESPOND to cyber outbreaks
Engage cyber incident responders leveraging threat intelligence, remediate attack damage by restoring systems and closing vulnerabilities, and use network resources to defend against outside threats.
RECOVER access to critical data and applications
Rebuild mission-critical business applications; restore data from backup; prioritise network resources to speed recovery.

Adopt a comprehensive approach to Security and Cyber Resilience

Don't just detect and stop advanced threats. 

Mitigate the impact of cyber disruption with an orchestrated resilience approach that helps identify risks, protect applications and data and rapidly recover IT.

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Deploying a Comprehensive Security Solution?

Start with OSS Security Intelligence Operations and Consulting Services

When you partner with Open Systems Specialists (OSS) we will help you to architect and deploy a Security Platform that will give you clear visibility into enterprise-wide infrastructure activities, coupled with the ability to respond dynamically to help protect against advanced, persistent and opportunistic threats, whether they come from outside or inside the organisation.

IDENTIFY advanced risks and vulnerabilities

Identify critical applications and risks, analyse business impacts of disruptions, and  assess business continuity and disaster recovery readiness.


IBM QRadar from Open Systems Specialists 

PROTECT against attacks and outages

Protect business critical applications and data against cyberattacks and unplanned outages with air-gapped backup and immutable storage technologies.

RECOVER access to critical data and applications

Rebuild mission-critical business applications, restore data from backup, and rapidly and reliably recover IT systems from cyber incidents.

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