on October 18, 2018 AI Security

5 Reasons AI is the Pillar of the Next-Gen SOC - On demand webinar

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SOC processes are broken, enterprises are still at risk and analysts are feeling the cybersecurity job fatigue. SOC leaders often struggle to understand how to make their teams more effective and end up spending their budget on point solutions that add to the problem of data overload. How do you improve security analyst efficiency, and ultimately their quality of life?

If this resonates with your situation then you will find this 33 minute on-demand  webinar from IBM'er, Parag Pathak , is worth the investment of your time.

This webinar discusses the top five challenges plaguing today’s SOCs and how SOC leaders can free up their security analysts by leveraging AI technologies to focus on crucial threats.

Join this exclusive webinar to:

  • Understand the pressing challenges impacting today’s SOCs
  • Learn how AI can free up your analysts to focus on the most critical threats
  • Discover the benefits that adding AI to your SOC can bring to your security teams

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