Existing environments and legacy challenges constrain attempts to enable digital transformation

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Digital Transformation Capability Assistance

Disruption is really an opportunity

“Technology is a key enabler, and chief executives should be constantly on the alert for technology that allows them to achieve change. Now it is more front and centre, more of a disruptor, technology is increasing the need to consider and implement change. If you stay on top of the agenda, you will be better equipped to manage that change.” 

Paul Toner,  KPMG in Ireland.

Disruptive Technology Trends

Digital transformation affects every organisation, no matter how big, old, or established it is. What will be some of the most important developments in disruptive technology?  There are a number of developments that have and will continue to shape business strategies - from automation to sustainability, organisations must adapt to a whole new wave of consumer preferences.



The use of AI and related tools like machine learning to automate processes, reduce administrative tasks, and collect and organise data is vital in the age of mass data, and AI is proving to be a highly effective solution.  Learn more>


Personalisation & Customisation

Across both the private and public sectors there is a need to personalise products and services to satisfy individual consumer needs without unduly increasing costs or waste. Personalisation has become a key customer requirement that companies need to offer in order to remain competitive.  Read more>



The growth of the as-a-service business model has resulted from changes in both corporate and consumer needs. For organisations, as-a-service solutions can cut costs by simplifying IT infrastructure. Between 2016 and 2020, the global XaaS (anything as-a-service) market is forecasted to grow by 40 per cent each year.  Read more >


Improved decision making with Prescriptive Analytics

The emergence of smart data discovery capabilities, machine learning, and the automation of the entire analytics workflow is enabling organisations to handle vast amounts of information. Smart data discovery capabilities in particular are driving huge advances in how we understand unstructured and dark data. Using this data organisations are able to predict market developments bringing greater depth to prognostics. Prescriptive analytics goes beyond knowing, providing recommended actions based on prior outcomes. A recommended course of action to achieve a specific outcome. Learn more >


Increased cross sector innovation

Convergence, collaboration and the open source movement have all contributed to the encouragement of cross sector innovation. Companies are looking to businesses in other industries for insights and expertise that can enhance their own products and services. AgriTech and FinTech, for instance, are developing alongside each other to tackle financial issues within farming. As cross sector innovation becomes the norm, we will see the greater application of successful strategies and business models from one industry to another.  Read White Paper>


Steps towards Industry 4.0 and the factory of the future

The installation of smart sensors and the application of data analytics will deliver further steps towards the factory of the future. The wider use of automated processes powered by AI, advanced robotics, and IoT connectivity will contribute to realising the ambitions of Industry 4.0. Otherwise known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 promises a more connected world in which machines carry out mundane tasks. Many companies, such as Amazon, have taken tangible steps to implement this in automated warehouses.

Delivering Digital Transformation

Successful digital transformation requires organisations to build innovative and highly automated digital platforms and data solutions that address business use cases and deliver the foundation for all applications and integrations.

We offer formal capability practices that cover:

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Our Architecture capability, with its roots in TOGAF, is based on best practice standards in technology and process applied as overarching governance.


We design Platforms that enable transformation, agility, flexibility and rapid delivery from the physical to the virtual, from data centre to hybrid cloud.

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Automation allows us to design-in the needed speed and control, and to automatically deliver and operate your business infrastructure across any type of environment.

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Our Data capability is focused on bridging the gap between traditional database, storage and backup solutions with the new data paradigms of data virtualisation, data analytics and data lakes.

Digital Transformation Capability Assistance


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