The Cognitive Enterprise

Evolving technology-enabled business architectures

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Why AI and Cognitive?

We are on the cusp of the next big shift in business architectures, driven by the pervasive application of AI and cognitive technologies to the core processes and workflows of organisations. This generational shift will take the digital wave that business and governments are currently surfing to the next level, and transform the way that employees add value and sustain their differentiation.

The Cognitive Enterprise will leverage proprietary data, unique platforms and specialist expertise to achieve its goals. But what will the journey look like and what are the factors for success?

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The Cognitive Enterprise:

Part 1 - The journey to AI and the rise of platform-centric business architectures

Updated 09 Apr 2018

The next big shift in business architectures, driven by applying AI/cognitive technologies to processes and workflows, can create the Cognitive Enterprise.


The AI-enhanced customer experience:

A sea change for CX strategy, design and development

Updated 08 Mar 2018

Artificial intelligence is unleashing a new era in customer experience – but many companies lack the strategy and skills to fulfill AI aspirations.


The evolution of process automation:

Moving beyond basic robotics to intelligent interactions

Updated 10 Jan 2018

Read how advancements in artificial intelligence are spawning a new phase of automation: intelligent automation.


The human-machine interchange:

How intelligent automation is reconstructing business operations

Updated 13 Dec 2017

Intelligent machines are transforming the way humans interact with and benefit from technology, and the way businesses operate.

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Is your IT Infrastructure ready for Cognitive Computing and AI?

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The cognitive advantage global market report

Understand how organisations are capitalising on the potential of cognitive computing and to uncover emerging patterns of adoption.

The Cognitive Advantage Report surveyed 600 decision makers worldwide who are actively engaged in or planning cognitive initiatives. 

Read insights from early adopters on driving business value from Cognitive.

% citing as major challenge

Immature Tech and Data.png

Immature IT and tools

Hampering the development of Cognitive solutions

Insufficient Skills

Invest in developing new skill sets

Data Issues a challenge

(ie quality of data, integration and converting of data and the volume of data)

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Decoding Cognitive Business

Lessons learnt from early adopters

Regardless of industry, the organisations that excel in the digital era are those that take the shortest paths to the best results. That means getting the right information in the right hands at the right time. These realities are why more organisations are turning to cognitive solutions.

60% say their cognitive initiatives have exceeded their expectations.

Here are just a few of the ways early adopters are seizing the cognitive advantage:

Use best practices for putting cognitive technology to work

  • Adopting a new technology starts with education.
  • Adoption should support a business case.
  • There are various approaches to implementing cognitive technology.
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Developing and Enterprise Data Strategy

  • A comprehensive enterprise data strategy leverages a variety of data to support the company’s overall business strategy.
  • There is a natural progression from the data strategies of today to the cognitive-enabled data strategies of tomorrow.
  • An analytically mature organisation will find it valuable to add cognitive technologies to its data strategy.

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By boosting productivity and efficiency

  • From intelligent search to the self-learning supply chain, cognitive systems can transform workplace productivity.
  • Early adopters are using cognitive-enabled search to extend institutional expertise, improve responsiveness and cycle times, and gain more predictive insights.

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Is your contact centre future-ready?

Contact centres have turned to cognitive technology to provide more efficient and personalised customer service.

  • Cognitive assistants automate routine customer care, freeing live agents to focus on high-value interactions.
  • Cognitive insights help contact centers improve operational efficiency.
  • Cognitive solutions streamline multi-channel support, including social media.

Cognitive technology can give a whole new perspective on the voice of the customer and insights that will improve your operational effectiveness.

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Your cognitive future: 
Industry perspectives

How cognitive computing capabilities can help vitalise industries and impact the future


Banking and Finance

Breakthrough banking



Mission: Possible!



A booster shot for health and wellness



Thinking like a customer

Life Science.png

Life sciences

Prescribing a digital transformation for life sciences



Dialling in a new frequency



Understanding customers and risk


Media and entertainment

A new day in the world of content


Consumer products

Inspiring deeper brand enthusiasm

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