IT Automation

The automation of repetitive tasks via technology allows you to respond quickly to situations while increasing compliance, stability, and overall consistency and quality of service.


Our Goal: Implement solutions in an efficient, repeatable & cost-effective way.

Our Objective: To utilise the best technology to simplify and automate the delivery of effective solutions.

Today’s dynamic, ever-changing 24x7 world is creating exponentially complex IT environments that are increasingly becoming unwieldy to manage. Automation of these IT environments offers hope that chaos is avoidable and that control can be maintained. 

The traditional elemental approach to IT Automation that involves some combination of coding, platform-specific scheduling tools, and new applications may be expedient in the short term, but over time they create significant cost and complexity.

Hotchpotch automation solutions are unwieldy, outmoded, and insufficient for today’s solutions let alone tomorrow’s.

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Automate IT across the Enterprise

Our approach starts with architecting an IT Automation Strategy that enables us to coordinate and consolidate your silos of automation into a single framework.



This reduces complexityimproves agilityminimises your reliance on writing custom automation scripts, and protects your existing script libraries through adopting a layered, architectural approach to IT Automation in such areas as:

  • Workload Automation
  • IT Process Automation (ITPA)
  • Big Data / Hadoop Automation
  • Managed File Transfer Automation
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • IT Operations

This policy-driven automation strategy drives better governance, greater visibility and control, and faster response to the demands of the business when something does inevitably break.

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Our Capabilities

We have proven experience with helping customers solve the following technical challenges:

  1. Design/Build/Run
    1. CI/CD Tools
    2. Non & Production Platforms
    3. Automated Code Promotion
  • Automation
  • Orchestration
  • Configuration Management
  • Container Management/Tools
  • Application Deployment
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Version Control Systems
  • Server Hardening

Technologies Covered

If you need help with the following technologies, we can help:

  • AWS Native Tools/Services
  • BitBucket, Git, GitHub, GitLab
  • Docker/Kubernetes
  • RedHat Suite
    • OpenShift
    • Cloudforms
    • Ansible
    • Satelite
  • Puppet
  • Splunk
  • Jenkins
  • TerraForm
  • VMware / VRealize

Managed Services

We provide a number of Managed Service offerings to help alleviate the requirements associated with running a capable technical automation Team.  

  • 24 x 7 on-call support
  • Full Managed Service of environments
  • Automation Assessments
  • Architectural Roadmaps
Vendor Accreditations and Credentials
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  • docker
  • kubernetes
  • vmware
  • AWS


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