IT Architecture

IT architecture is the art and science of designing and delivering valuable technology strategy.


Our Goal: To Deliver Business Advantage To Our Clients.

Our Objective: To understand your business objectives and their context, and then translate those into robust, secure, industry best practice architecture designs. We want to enable business solutions that are fit for purpose and that utilise the right technology appropriate for the business requirement.

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We are IT Architects

As IT Architects, we must be able to describe a strategy for solving a business problem with IT.

We do this by having both business skills as well as technical skills.

With our business skills, we speak the language of business to executive sponsors to understand what drives the organization, what challenges they face, what others in their domain are doing, and what challenges they face.

With our broad technical skills, we are able to evaluate the existing IT environment, the staff and skills they have, how they operate and what their level of operational maturity is.

We use the language of architecture to speak with our peers; to understand and communicate effectively so we can make sure various teams, projects, and solutions all integrate successfully into an existing operational environment.

We must be able to speak the language of technology to subject matter experts in order to have relevant conversations with them and to ensure we have credibility when we speak to them. We use our deep technical expertise to quickly explore new technologies we may not have experience with so we can incorporate them into our thinking on an ongoing basis. 


Services We Provide

We provide Enterprise and Solution Architecture services that can help you in the following areas:

  • Enterprise Architecture Development
  • Solution Architecture Development
  • Technology Roadmapping
  • Cloud Platform Architecture (Bank Grade)
  • Technical Debt Optimisation
  • Standards Development
  • Automation Strategy Development

Technology Scope

Our Architecture footprint spans:

  • Data Centre (On-Premise, Cloud, Hybrid)
  • Security (WAF, Firewalls / Security Groups, Network topology, SIEM)
  • Web Infrastructure (IAM, Load balancers ,ESB, API Gateway, Servers, Content Switching and WAF)
  • Data
  • Platform
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Disaster Recovery
Vendor Accreditations and Credentials
  • IASA

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