Balancing Operations with the pursuit of Digital Transformation 

Our team addresses the need to deliver your core services efficiently and effectively as well as assisting you to plan and execute your Digital Transformation Strategy.

Read Report - "State of CIO, 2018"


Striving for balance

 As Digital Transformation initiatives heat up, stronger cooperation and better alignment of IT with its stakeholders is essential.

Day to day issues impact IT operations

87%  are juggling standard IT operational tasks,

54% are dealing with security management,

49% are improving systems performance,

37% are spearheading cost controls.

Meanwhile, IT is being called upon to straddle both functional and transformation objectives such as:

  • Aligning IT initiatives with business goals,
  • Cultivating the IT-Business partnership,
  • Implementing new systems and architecture, and 
  • Leading change efforts.

Source: State of CIO, 2018

Digital technologies alter how people and businesses interact

Digital forces have created unprecedented levels of industry dislocation and are fundamentally changing business economics. To succeed in this disruptive environment, organisations will need to offer compelling new experiences, establish new focus, build new expertise and devise new ways of working.

  • Redefined customer experience with new products and services.
  • Creating new business models and new ways to create value.
  • Developing new capabilities built through a culture of openness, innovation and collaboration.
  • Establishing digital operations built for efficiency and customer focus.

Digital Transformation is “the critical response needed to meet rising customer expectations, deliver individualised experiences at scale, and operate at the speed of the market." (Forrester’s 2018 Predictions) 

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Working with OSS-Group

You're engaging professionals with a  wealth of skills and experience, developed over many years of industry experience. 



Having a strategy and plan in place is vital to the success of any organisation, and its initiatives. This is never more important than in digital environments where technology has such a fast rate of change it's easy to get swept up in the hype.

We can help you to develop a practical digital framework for your organisation that you can be confident will deliver to your needs.



Orchestrating and provisioning new services as part of any transformation can be a complex undertaking for any organisation.

We bring a wealth of experience in people, process and technologies to this challenge, adapting our engagement models to suit your needs with an uncompromising commitment to excellence.



As digital technologies continue to pervade our every-day, “keeping the lights on" has never been more important in protecting and developing organisational brand and customer loyalty.

Managed services is at the core of everything we do, operating and improving environments to ensure availability of critical services and applications. 



Finding a procurement partner that offers value other than just the lowest possible price can be challenging.

We’re not simply order-takers; we work in consultation with you to ensure not only the best possible price, but also to determine that the most appropriate products and programs are utilised.

Our Capability Practices

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